gehackt: a guide on bypassing shit.

gehackt is a tool made by me on github where it lets you access apps using chrome extensions.

1. How to use Chrome safely

(1) Use the search engine
(2) Navigate to chrome://newtab when you want to close a tab, but not leave it in your history.
(3) Make sure any adults, or admins are far away from your computer, and can not see the screen physically and digitally through Gogaurdian or Securely.
(4) Never get caught.
(5) USB flash drives to store data.
(6) Use the Tor Browser, or Proxy Browser.
(7) Don't be a dipshit
(8) You are constantly being watched. No kidding. Every way possible, those nazis!
Full guide:

I am selling copies of the flash drive of games, apps, and gehackt files to anybody that can find me. If you do not live in the state GA, then get lost.